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Town of Newburgh Man Arrested For Friday Burglary

Mar 5th, 2013 | By | Category: Featured Articles

At about 10:50AM, Town Police received a call of a burglary in progress from a home on Winding Lane. The female homeowner heard a rear door being crashed in at which time she fled the house and called police. As the first police officer arrived and was checking the point of entry, the suspect fled the front of the house. The second officer on scene saw the suspect. A foot chase began with the suspect running through numerous yards. The suspect was caught in a back yard on Meadow Street – about three blocks from the burglary scene. The suspect was in possession of jewelry and collectable coins stolen from the home.

37 year old George Barnett, of the Town of Newburgh was charged with three felonies, including Burglary, Grand Larceny and Criminal Possession of Stolen Property.

George Barnet Town of Newburgh

37 year old George Barnett, of the Town of Newburgh

Barnett, who has several recent arrests for burglary-related offenses in several area towns, was being held for arraignment.

During the follow-up investigation, witnesses described seeing a gray Jeep Cherokee driving slowly in the area just prior to the burglary. Officers found the Jeep Cherokee, belonging to the suspect, parked on Sunset Drive – about a block from the burglary.

Barnett, who was wearing a backpack at the time of arrest, may have been wandering the neighborhood on foot prior to the burglary.

Anyone who may have seen the suspect or the aforementioned vehicle is asked to contact Town Police Detectives at 845-564-1100.


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  1. Hello I’m timmy marry and Im with Liam connolly and I know this man. He lives in my neighborhood in lacey field New windsor New York and there has been Roberries in my neighborhood several times. So I think it’s him who robbed these houses. If you want to find out more contact this is Barnett right

  2. If you have information about possible burglaries or area thefts in New Windsor please contact New Windsor Police at (845) 565-7000