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To Replace or Not to Replace the Orange County Government Center

May 29th, 2012 | By | Category: OP ED

Since it is apparent that there exists the presence of those Orange County taxpayers that support replacement of the government center in Goshen and those who feel strongly that preservation and repair of this edifice should be protected for various reasons not withstanding the supposed architectural value that a “Rudolph” building represents, my suggestion would be to transfer  the division of opinion to the taxpayer as opposed to the county executive and the legislature  to the obvious forum. Have a referendum and let the taxpayers speak in voting booths as opposed to responding  to that which is published in the media.

Ed Diana, our county executive and individual members of the county legislature have their  opinions or those which may be in alignment with political affiliation. For this issue, I think the elected officials should not be allowed to decide in favor of the voters.

Michael Sussman, as head of the Democratic Alliance and Mr. Diana, a Republican and county executive need to be neutralized as far as decisions are concerned on this issue. “What about Bob” ..and Mary and Luis and Tayshaun who ultimately will pay for the outcome. Let us decide and the elected officials can shut up and follow the leader…we the people.

I don’t care what the outcome is, so long as the decision is made by those who will be assessed and responsible for payment. Everyone else have demonstrated their inability to formulate a conclusion. Let we dummies decide.

Bob Camporeale
Town of Newburgh


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