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Three Ulster County Sheriff’s Deputies Complete Field Training

Sep 26th, 2012 | By | Category: Police Briefs

Sheriff VanBlarcum announces that Deputies Brandon Bergenn, Damon Alberts, and Sean Becker have completed field training and have been assigned to the Criminal Division Patrol Unit.

The FTO (Field Training Officer) program comprises ten weeks of training. The new deputies spend eight weeks with FTOs from the Sheriff’s Office, all of whom have been certified by NYS Dept. of Criminal Justice Services.

The trainees work with their first FTO for two weeks and then are assigned to a new FTO every two weeks on different shifts. At the end of this six-week period they are assigned back to their original FTO for evaluation and completion of patrol duty training. They then spend a one-week rotation in the Detective Division and one in Communications.

During their final week a meeting is held with all the FTOs, the Captain, First Sergeant and Training Sergeant to go over field training progress and determine if they have satisfactorily passed the program or need additional training experience.

pictured left to right are Lt. Eric Benjamin, Deputy Damon Alberts, Deputy Brandon Bergenn and Deputy Sean Becker

The Sheriff extends congratulations to all three deputies.


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