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Third Man Arrested in Kingston Double Stabbing

Mar 12th, 2013 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Lead Article

Kingston Police have arrested a third person in connection with a double stabbing that occurred March 4 on Cedar Street during a large fight.

34 year old Tau McBean was taken into custody at US Probation in Albany. McBean is currently on federal probation for a narcotics charge and was brought to Kingston Police HQ where he was charged with Felony Assault.

On Friday March 8, Kingston Police arrested two other Kingston men, with the help of New York City Police, who were able to locate the men in the Bronx. 19 year old Darell Grosvenor and 18 year old Lenox Peters were charged with Felony Assault and Felony Gang Assault.

All three men were charged with the felonies stemming from the incident that occurred on Cedar Street near Clinton Avenue on March 4 in which two men were stabbed and severely injured. Both victims had to be hospitalized for treatment.

Kingston Police worked closely with NYPD in the investigation and apprehention of both Grosvenor and Peters.

All three men remain in Ulster County Jail.


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