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The New York State Assembly Re-Districting

Apr 2nd, 2012 | By | Category: OP ED

Letter to the Editor

The New York State Assembly Re-Districting

Regarding the mapping of new Assembly districts, if I were smart (a claim I have never made) perhaps I might understand the thought process, particularly as the 101st district is concerned.

At face value my question would be, what do the residents of Oneida County to the north and Orange county to the south have in common? I am thinking that the needs of the people are vastly different. Certainly there exist some common concerns but the pervading lifestyles and daily realities are sure to be specific to local communities and not shared sufficiently by all of those residents making representation tricky, at best.

As an old advertising guy, I became aware of trading areas and traffic flow which affect, so it would seem, most of us. In it’s limited scale, this alone tells me that the district plan makes questionable sense.

As Ricky Ricardo was famous for saying in the old sit-com, I Love Lucy,  “Splain Lucy, Splain.

Bob Camporeale
Newburgh, NY


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