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Tagged Bear Recently Spotted in Pawling

Aug 29th, 2013 | By | Category: Current Events

A “tagged” bear has recently been sighted in the vicinity of Millstream Court in Pawling.  A resident was able to take pictures of the bear that were used to identify the bear as one from Connecticut.  The color of the tags indicate that the bear has been deemed to be a “PROBLEM BEAR” pursuant to Connecticut’s classification system.

Bear Sighting Pawling NY

Keep in mind that although they are wild animals, these labeled bears are not considered a threat to public safety.

Supervisor David Kelly has been in consultation with a NYS DEC Wildlife Biologist to determine the best course of action regarding potential interaction with this “PROBLEM BEAR”.  The following bullet points are being posted to further ensure the safety of the residents of Pawling and beyond.

  • Remove all attractants from outdoor locations (garbage, bird seed, etc…).
  • Use an air horn or other devices to make loud noises to frighten it off when seen.

The biologist has indicated that there is no need for panic because a problem bear does not equal a dangerous bear.  It is likely that the bear will move through the area to areas where it can find natural food supplies.  Natural foods such as apples, cherries, acorns, and beechnuts are becoming increasingly abundant at this time of year and bears often move into areas where these foods can be found.

“Bear sightings are not uncommon in the Harlem Valley and when a bear is encountered, humans need to take precautions” said Supervisor Kelly.

Residents that are concerned about this specific bear or others are encouraged to contact the NYS DEC Wildlife Office at 845-256-3098.

Tagged Bear in Pawling


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