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Snuggling Between the Sheet’s Thread Count

Oct 7th, 2014 | By | Category: Lifestyle

With the cool, crisp nip in the air, it is important to create a bedroom that allows you to rest and relax and snuggle. Without a good night’s sleep, it is difficult to function during the day.

Besides decorating elements, there are 2 important items to consider in creating a comfortable bedroom: a good quality mattress and high thread count sheets.

The thread count is the total number of threads that run horizontally and vertically in a square inch of fabric. A higher thread count has a tighter weave, which adds softness and durability to the material. A thread count of at least 200 makes a wonderful, long lasting sheet. Sheets with a thread count of 300-400 may feel softer yet still affordable. 400-900 thread count sheets may cost more, but the softness to the skin feels wonderful. Thread counts of 1000 or more feel luxurious but the finer threads necessary to achieve this high thread count often make these types of sheets less durable.

Weave creates the texture of the fabric and affects the look and feel of the sheets. Sheets are usually made from either percale weave fabrics or sateen weave fabrics. Percale sheets are woven closely in a kind of basket weave and have no gloss, creating smooth-textured sheets. Sateen sheets are woven with more fibers on the fabric surface, creating a luster like that of satin sheets.

Cotton is king when it comes to sheets. You can find high thread count sheets of Egyptian cotton, cotton damask sheets and even eco-friendly organic cotton sheets. Sheets made from bamboo are very soft to the touch.

Best bet is to feel the sheet before making a purchase. A 200-400-thread count may be soft and durable without the higher price tag of 400 and up. The proof is in the touch.


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