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Skoufis Demands County Executive Diana Testify on Valley View

Jul 24th, 2012 | By | Category: Featured Articles

Skoufis fights to protect seniors; pressures Diana to come clean on Valley View
Skoufis to Assembly Opponents: Join me in calling on Diana to testify

“County Executive Diana owes us some answers,” said Woodbury Councilman and state Assembly candidate James Skoufis (D-WF Woodbury), who today called on Diana to appear before the County Legislature and answer any questions raised by legislative committees investigating the finances and management of Valley View nursing home.

“The future of Valley View is vitally important to hundreds of senior citizens in our community and their families,” said Skoufis. “Ed Diana has an obligation to tell us everything he knows about what is going on there. His continued silence is unacceptable.”

“The County Executive has a duty to share with the County Legislature, the press and Orange County taxpayers both the challenges and opportunities related to the management and potential sale of Valley View,” said Skoufis.  “Instead, he has shut down and lawyered up.”

Diana has secured the services of Burke, Miele & Golden, a Goshen law firm, to fight the Legislature’s action compelling him to appear in his official capacity before the Legislature and respond to basic questions.

“In addition to bearing the cost of the contactor’s mismanagement at Valley View, Diana would have Orange County taxpayers also foot the legal bills related to his unyielding refusal to answer legitimate questions about the nursing home’s operations,” said Skoufis. “It’s outrageous!”

“The County Executive must answer the Legislature’s questions formally, publicly and directly,” said Skoufis. “Anything less will legitimately raise more questions about his personal role in Valley View’s failure to thrive and his capacity to lead effectively.”

Skoufis also challenged his Assembly opponents, Colin Schmitt and Kyle Roddey, to join him in calling on County Executive Diana to testify under oath before the county legislative committees charged with investigating finances and management at Valley View.

“I welcome my opponents to join me in standing up and speaking out against County Executive Diana’s taxpayer-funded stonewall tactics,” said Skoufis. “Orange County residents are right to expect it and our taxpayers are right to demand it of anyone asking for their vote.”


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