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Schmitt Secures Top Ballot Placement

Aug 18th, 2012 | By | Category: Political

Republican Assembly Candidate Colin Schmitt gains top GOP primary ballot placement and forces historic Opportunity to Ballot on Conservative Line

Grassroots Republican outsider Assembly candidate Colin Schmitt has secured top ballot placement on the Republican Primary ballot for Thursday, September 13, 2012. Republican Primary voters in Orange and Rockland Counties will be able to support Schmitt via Box 1 “Colin J. Schmitt.”

Schmitt has also forced a historic Opportunity to Ballot on the Conservative Party Line.  Conservative Party members and grassroots volunteers joined together to reject the backroom deals cut to give a lifelong liberal Democrat the Conservative line and have collected enough signatures, and more than the party filed for its supported candidate, to allow a write-in of “Colin J. Schmitt” on the ballot. This opportunity to ballot primary will be held on the same day, Thursday, September 13.

Colin Schmitt said, “I am proud of the aggressive grassroots campaign Team Schmitt is running. As an outsider I have seen first hand what corrupt party insiders will do to maintain power. Having received top ballot placement for the September 13 Republican primary is a great validation of our grassroots petitioning effort. Also securing the opportunity to ballot is not an easy thing. Election law is written to make it a near impossibility. The grassroots have spoken though, and despite needing to write in ‘Colin J. Schmitt’ party members will have a chance to reject insider party deals.”

Colin has aggressively campaigned and will continue to do so throughout the 10-town district. Colin is proud to be to grassroots Republican and Conservative choice on September 13.


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