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Schmitt Files over 1,200 signatures for Republican Party Ballot Access

Jul 18th, 2012 | By | Category: Political

99th Republican Assembly Candidate Far Surpasses 500 Signature Requirement, achieves over 240% of required signatures

Grassroots Republican outsider Assembly candidate Colin Schmitt, filed over 1,200 Republican petition signatures at State Board of Elections Headquarters in Albany.

Since May 2011, Schmitt has been actively campaigning across Orange and Rockland Counties as the Republican Conservative alternative to failed political insiders who’ve made a career of living the good life in Albany. Schmitt has earned the support of thousands of Republican voters in the district by building a grassroots campaign as an outsider. In response to Schmitt’s grassroots strength, party leaders decided to cut a backroom deal to give a lifelong liberal Democrat the Republican and Conservative lines. These leaders do not speak for the registered members of the party and will have their corrupt ways rejected on Primary Day, Thursday, September 13.

The petitioning process began just over a month ago and Team Schmitt was required to collect a minimum of 500 signatures to gain ballot access. Over two dozen grassroots volunteers fanned out over the 10-town district and achieved over 240% of the required signatures. In filing over 1,200 signatures Team Schmitt collected signatures from every town in the two county district and did so from a wide variety of New Yorkers.

Collin Schmitt 99 Assembly District New York Candidate
“I am so honored that over 1,200 registered Republicans comprising a large sampling of every day New Yorkers from every town in the 99th Assembly District signed to authorize my name appear on the primary ballot as an alternative to the liberal Democrat the GOP insiders have picked to run,” said Schmitt.  “Over two dozen grassroots ‘Team Schmitt’ volunteers helped achieve this goal, surpassing the number of Republican Committee members nearly five times over, showing the voice of the people cannot be silenced. We are the underdog in this race, but with the help of our dedicated grassroots volunteers we will win this primary.”

The Republican Primary will be held on Thursday, September 13, 2012.

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