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Schmitt Confronts GOP Corruption Head On

Jun 21st, 2012 | By | Category: Political

Republican Assembly Candidate Colin Schmitt held press conference at Orange County Republican Headquarters to out dirty tricks and unethical behavior from party insiders and opponents

Grassroots Republican Conservative outsider Assembly candidate Colin Schmitt this afternoon confronted corrupt Republican insiders at the local and state level at Orange County Republican Headquarters in Goshen.

Since May 2011, Schmitt has been actively campaigning across Orange and Rockland Counties as the Republican Conservative alternative to (now retiring) double dipper Calhoun and her political allies. Colin has earned the support of thousands of Republican voters in the district by building a grassroots campaign and raising a significant sum of money as an outsider. Party leaders decided to cut a backroom deal to give a lifelong liberal Democrat the Republican and Conservative lines. These leaders do not speak for the registered members of the party and will have their corrupt ways rejected on Primary Day, Thursday, September 13th.

In recent weeks during the petitioning process, Schmitt and his campaign team have noticed a pattern of dirty tricks and opposition suppression that goes against everything the American system of government and politics stands for. Corrupt GOP insiders and the opposition have within the last three weeks:

·      Positioned numerous people to spy and conduct surveillance on Schmitt’s residence. One of the three confirmed instances spurred a volunteer to call authorities after being photographed and recorded. Most recently, a paid GOP Assembly staffer was seen conducting these activities on June 16, 2012.

·      Followed Schmitt’s family and volunteers while out petitioning and in the course of their private, day-to-day business.

·      Threatened the careers of County Committee members and private citizens for attempting to support Schmitt or attempting to stay neutral.

Colin Schmitt said, “New York is suffering thanks to the failed actions of corruption local and Albany-based insiders. They want to continue the trend with a new wave of crony elected officials. These individuals will stop at nothing to ensure their hand-selected candidate is elected. Whether it is suppressing the opposition or intimidating voters, the public needs to be aware of these strong-arm tactics employed by those who claim to be public servants and their party representatives.”

Colin and his campaign team are busy collecting the required number of signatures in order to gain ballot access. Dozens of volunteers are fanning out across the district and are being warmly received by registered Republicans and Conservatives looking to reject corruption, dirty tricks, and backroom deals. Schmitt and his supporters will stand up against this unseemly behavior and allow the public to decide.

Video remarks from the press conference


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