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Schmitt Confirms Republican and Conservative Party Primaries

Jun 18th, 2012 | By | Category: Political

Republican Assembly Candidate Colin Schmitt confirms at 3rd Annual “All American Hot Dog Roast” that he will force a Republican and Conservative Party Primary.

Next generation reformer and Republican Assembly candidate Colin Schmitt this past weekend confirmed that he will be forcing Republican and Conservative Party primaries for the 99th Assembly District.

Since May 2011 Schmitt has been actively campaigning across Orange and Rockland Counties as the Republican Conservative alternative to (now retiring) double dipper Calhoun and her political allies. Since that time Colin has earned the support of thousands of Republican voters in the district by building a grassroots campaign and raising a significant sum of money for an outsider. Party leaders decided to cut a backroom deal to give a lifelong liberal Democrat the Republican and Conservative lines. These leaders do not speak for the registered members of the respective parties and will have their corrupt ways rejected on Primary Day, September 13.

Colin Schmitt said, “I was proud to stand before faithful supporters at my third annual “All American Hot Dog Roast” and confirm that I will be forcing a primary on the Republican and Conservative Party Lines. Corrupt party bosses cut back room deals to run a lifelong Liberal Democrat on these lines and I will not sit idly by and allow New Yorkers of integrity and honor to be duped. I am proud to stand as the grassroots Republican Conservative outsider in the September 13 primary. “Team Schmitt” an energized group of New Yorkers is taking the fight door-to-door across Orange and Rockland Counties in order to ensure voters have a real choice on the ballot.”

Colin and his campaign team are busy collecting the required number of signatures in order to gain ballot access. This process will last nearly a month. Dozens of volunteers are fanning out across the district and are being warmly received by registered Republicans and Conservatives looking to reject corruption and backroom deals.

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Video remarks from Colin at Hot Dog Roast:


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