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Schmitt Challenges Petitions of GOP Opponent in 99th District Assembly Race

Jul 29th, 2012 | By | Category: Political

Republican Assembly candidate Schmitt seeks to uphold validity of process for all 99th Assembly District Voters

Grassroots Republican outsider Assembly candidate Colin Schmitt has filed an invalidating petition in State Supreme Court against lifelong Liberal Democrat Kyle Roddey who seeks to run in the Republican Primary for the 99th Assembly District.

After reviewing Mr. Roddey’s petition filing a picture of an inept process emerged. The opponents petitions contain a countless number of fatal flaws and fraudulent and misleading legally binding sheets were discovered. In order to protect the integrity of the electoral process and ensure that Republican voters in the 99th Assembly District are not taken advantage of, Schmitt and his grassroots campaign team have lodged this official petition with the court seeking equal application of the law be applied even to political insiders.

The petitioning process began in early June. All candidates were required to submit at least 500 valid and legal signatures of registered members of the party they seek to represent on the ballot.

“We must protect the integrity of the electoral process in this country and more importantly protect the sacred right each American and New Yorker has to vote in a fraud free election,” said Schmitt.

Schmitt continued, “Sadly the lifelong Liberal Democrat that seeks to run against me in the Republican Primary has perverted the process. In a disgusting display of arrogance he submitted flaw-laden petitions demonstrating his campaigns complete disorganization and lack of respect for Republican Primary voters and those who participated in the petitioning process. It is my hope that the court examines all information provided and rules in accordance with the law and ensures people, like my opponent, who knowingly submit flawed and fraudulent petitions are held accountable. Also it is the right of each and every voter in the 99thAssembly District to know what some candidates would do to achieve power. As a conservative Republican I stand for voter ID laws and in keeping with my belief in free and fair elections I feel necessitated to take a stand against the openly flawed, misleading, and fraudulent petitions which my opponent has submitted for scrutiny of the Board of Elections and all New Yorkers.”

New Yorkers for Schmitt has retained the counsel of Joseph P. DePaola to handle the legal protections taken on behalf of all residents of the 99th Assembly District. Schmitt, the grassroots candidate, stands up for all New Yorkers not just the corrupt insiders.


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