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Saugerties Awarded $15,000 Grant from Greenway

Jul 6th, 2011 | By | Category: Featured Articles

Mark Castiglione, Acting Executive Director of the Hudson River Valley Greenway, announced the approval of a $15,000 matching grant to the Town and Village of Saugerties, Ulster County. The Greenway Board approved the grant at a recent meeting.

The Town and Village adopted their first joint Comprehensive Plan in December 1999. Since that time, a variety of special planning studies have been completed including an area-wide mobility study, an open space plan, an economic development plan and an aquifer and surface water analysis.  As a result of their intermunicipal partnership, several municipal services have been combined or are being shared and this joint Comprehensive Plan Update will continue and enhance this collaborative effort. In addition, the Town, Village and Ulster County will collaborate to support Greenway principles as promulgated in the Greenway Compact.

Castiglione stated, “I am pleased to see the Town and Village of Saugerties are taking an intermunicipal approach to their comprehensive plan.  Communities throughout the Hudson River Valley are recognizing the value of working together to plan in a way that addresses local and regional issues and I applaud Supervisor Helsmoortel and Mayor Murphy for their commitment to that idea.”

Town of Saugerties Supervisor Greg Helsmoortel stated, “Since becoming a member of Greenway the professional assistance, guidance and monetary contributions we have received have been invaluable.”

Village of Saugerties Mayor William Murphy stated, “The Comprehensive Plan Update Committee is composed of members of the original 1999 group as well as several design professionals. The recently announced Greenway Grant will enable us to print nicely designed brochures including the revised/amplified text and suitable illustrations.  We will also have funds for distribution and to educate the public as to all of the new developments.”

Greenway grants have supported many other Saugerties initiatives including the Esopus Bend Nature Preserve, Kings Highway Corridor Generic Environmental Impact
Statement and a Biodiversity assessment of the Winston Farm site.

The Hudson River Valley Greenway is a unique state-sponsored program established by the Greenway Act of 1991.  Presently, 269 out of the 324 eligible municipalities within the Greenway area have joined the Greenway.  The program is designed to encourage communities to develop projects and initiatives related to the criteria of natural and cultural resource protection, regional and local planning, economic development, public access to the Hudson River (as well as other regional and local resources), and heritage and environmental education.  It provides technical assistance and small grants for planning, water trail and land-based trails and other projects that reinforce the Greenway Criteria.  In keeping with the New York tradition of home rule, the Greenway program has no regulatory authority and participation of municipalities in Greenway programs and projects is entirely voluntary. The Greenway also manages the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area.


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