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Sacred Earth Festival Draws Steady Stream of Visitors

Jul 24th, 2012 | By | Category: In Your Town

Sacred Earth Festival Draws Steady Stream of Visitors to Celebrate Water in Poughkeepsie

The Green Brain Initiative of PRiyaCOMM held its first Annual Sacred Earth Festival on Sunday, July 1 in the covered pavilion at the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum in Poughkeepsie. Representatives from the Native American, Jewish, Hindu, Islamic, Baha’i, Buddhist and Christian faiths came together to create an unforgettable eco-spiritual experience for the local Mid-Hudson Valley communities and visitors to the area.

The nine-hour Festival, which was held at the confluence of the mighty Hudson River and the Fall Kill Creek, started at 10:00 a.m. with ancient water ceremonies on the banks of the Fall Kill Creek. A steady stream of visitors, local residents and their children enjoyed the creative, innovative and interactive exhibits, films, workshops and cultural presentations that celebrated the essential life element, Water.

Sacred Earth Festival

The senior interfaith choir of the Dutchess County Interfaith Council performing at the Festival.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Festival, Executive Director of Dutchess County Tourism, Mary Kay Vrba, stated, “We are so happy to have activities like this along the Hudson River. We have this great Hudson River, that flows both ways, that can restore and replenish us, take away all the stress that we have in our lives and flow through us, so that we have the ability and energy that we need to continue to care for our earth and our environment, enjoy the benefits that we have here, and continue to showcase it to visitors from far and near who come to recreate and re-energize themselves.”

Karen Dipnarine-Saroop, Co-Founder of the Green Brain Initiative, said, “This is the first time that a Festival like this was held in the Hudson Valley, and we were so pleased to have the spiritual traditions demonstrating how they incorporate love of the Earth in their teachings and practices. Water is the earth’s greatest resource, and the Festival encouraged our local communities to respect the earth, take care of what we have in the Hudson Valley, and make it a better place for everyone to enjoy. It is our hope that all the visitors to the Festival left with a firm grasp of a stronger ethical and religious appreciation for the many complex water-related problems facing us today, and a renewed commitment to environmental care and protection.”

The Festival is over, but the work continues. The community can expect to see the setting up of a virtual think-tank on the environment and spirituality shortly, as well as collaborative public programs to foster a deeper relationship with the Fall Kill Creek and its neighbors. In addition to programs on environmental conservation and protection, the Green Brain Initiative continues to hold public programs in poverty reduction, holistic living and preservation of ancient cultural traditions throughout the year.

The print and electronic versions of the Festival’s commemorative magazine and 2013 calendar are available at All proceeds benefit the programs of the Green Brain Initiative.

For more information and to support the work of the Green Brain Initiative, visit or write to or call 845-849-2205.


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