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Roxanne Donnery Hoping to Create Had Enough Party

Aug 17th, 2013 | By | Category: Political

Current Orange Couny Legislator and County Executive Candidate Roxanne Donnery has announced that she is petitioning for the creation of the “Had Enough Party” on this November’s ballot.  This comes after recent revelations that Kiryas Joel supporters of Donnery’s opponent, Steven Neuhaus, are forcing a primary of the Working Families Party, of which Donnery is endorsed.

“Everywhere I go, regardless of what political party you belong to, people constantly tell me they’ve had enough of what’s going on in Orange County government,” Donnery said.  “Whether it’s trying to close Valley View or build an expensive, new government center or giving preferential treatment to Kiryas Joel, residents are sick and tired of the status quo.”

Donnery has been a longtime, outspoken critic of Kiryas Joel and, in particular, their water pipeline project, prompting KJ’s recent attempt to take one of her ballot lines this November.

Donnery continued, “When I become County Executive, there will no longer be a back door for Kiryas Joel to come through – KJ will join everyone else in using my office’s front door.  Kiryas Joel will get absolutely no special treatment from me or my administration, a fact that they are clearly terrified of.”

In order to create an independent line on the November ballot, 1,500 signatures are needed by registered voters in the county by August 20th.  Voters interested in signing or carrying a petition should call 845-637-5016.

Donnery concluded, “I look forward to not only creating our ‘Had Enough Party’ but also winning the Working Families Party, and the general election.  In doing so, we’ll show Kiryas Joel that our democracy cannot be hijacked.”


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