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Pets Alive to Conduct Mass Rescue August 1

Jul 31st, 2012 | By | Category: Featured Articles

Third Mass Rescue this Year for the No-Kill Animal Sanctuary

On Wednesday, August 1, 2012 Pets Alive, one of the oldest and largest no-kill organizations in the country, will welcome a truck full of 85 puppies and dogs from the East Baton Rouge Animal Shelter at their Middletown, NY and Elmsford, NY locations.  This rescue is being conducted in conjunction with the ASPCA who was contacted when the new Executive Director of the Baton Rouge facility realized they were in desperate need of help.  Struggling with overcrowding, the shelter was faced with the possibility of mass euthanasia of these animals—many healthy and adoptable.  Thanks to Pets Alive these deserving pups will get a second chance at life.

Pets Alive is no stranger to mass rescues, this will the third this year alone!  In January 2012, the organization, along with the ASPCA, conducted a mass rescue from the JP Ranch in Arkansas, a no-kill shelter which was forced to close after its founder developed a terminal illness.  At that time 135 dogs were rescued from the Ranch and high kill shelters in the surrounding area. 30 of these dogs tested positive for heartworm (a condition which leads to death if not treated); all were given the medical treatment necessary and are now thriving.  For the first time many of these Arkansas shelters experienced empty kennels and did not euthanize a single dog that week.

During Mother’s Day weekend in May 2012 Pets Alive responded to news that a three week old orphaned kitten had been killed just 45 minutes after intake at a NYCACC facility.  After seeing multiple sets of nursing mothers and their kittens scheduled to be killed, Pets Alive sprang into action, rescuing 108 kittens and cats (as well as a number of dogs).  Deemed the Itty Bitty Kitty rescue, this intake has lead to nearly 100 of these deserving animals finding loving adopters offering forever homes.

Unfortunately, this Wednesday’s Baton Rouge mass rescue will not be the last that Pets Alive conducts; But luckily for these deserving animals, and the thousands saved each year, the organization will continue their no-kill mission ensuring a second chance at life and a loving home.  To learn more about how you can adopt an animal, make a donation or volunteer at Pets Alive Sanctuary in Middletown visit or at Pets Alive Westchester visit

On Wednesday, August 1, 2012 the East Baton Rouge rescue truck will arrive at Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940 between 11am and 1pm and then head to Pets Alive Westchester, 100 Warehouse Lane South, Elmsford, NY 10523.

Pets Alive is one of the oldest and largest no-kill organizations in the country with locations in Middletown, NY, Elmsford, NY and Utuado, PR. Their mission is to improve the lives of companion animals everywhere by any means possible, including rescue, adoption, advocacy, collaboration, intervention and education.  The organization is recognized within the local community, nationwide and around the world as a leader in developing alliances to further the no-kill movement. Pets Alive is 100% privately funded, relying solely on the generosity of the community to meet their financial needs. To learn more please visit, and


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