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Pete Seeger Classic Translated into Hip Hop

Jan 9th, 2015 | By | Category: General Interest

Hip Hop artist Decora, formerly of the ReadNex Poetry Squad, has released a new single from his yet to be released solo debut album – and it’s a tribute to the late Pete Seeger.  “Flowers” maintains in spoken word the classic chorus “Where have the flowers gone” – in recent performances the crowd echoes this back – but the verses are straight Hip Hop.   Touching on current social and environmental ills – notably hydrofracking – that plague our society almost 60 years after Seeger wrote the original lyrics, Decora also infuses a hopeful tone into his expertly written lyrics.  His version “comes from the perspective of a younger generation in hopes of reaching all generations and making the world a better place, which is something Pete mastered so well,“ Decora explains.

Decora considers Seeger a mentor, having spent time with him late in his life collaborating on musical and community projects.  The song has already been performed several times at the 2014 Clearwater Festival as well as at Decora’s first live show in Beacon, June 2014.

The song showcases the musical and lyrical skill one can expect from his debut album “Bread and Oats” due to be released in February.

Watch Video

Written By Decora
Produced By Nico Marchese
Directed, filmed and edited by Mark Carranceja
Additional Footage by Rob Jameson


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