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Orange County Protects Glenmere Reservoir

Feb 9th, 2015 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Lead Article

Orange County Executive Neuhaus signs law preserving 95 additional acres of water source’s property

County Executive Steve Neuhaus announced that Orange County has protected an additional 95 acres on the Glenmere Lake grounds in order to improve public water quality and preserve a delicate natural habitat. On February 5, at the county executive’s request, the legislature voted unanimously to remove the acreage from public sale and retain it for county purposes. A 2010 Orange County law authorized that delinquent tax properties could be removed from public sale after the county forecloses on the property and prior to auction if the land was determined to be of benefit to municipalities. Orange County currently owns approximately 695 acres in the Glenmere Preserve extending across the towns and village of Warwick, Chester, and Florida as well as the hamlet of Sugar Loaf. The 95 acres is located entirely within the Town of Warwick.

According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, the lake is the state’s largest habitat for the endangered Northern cricket frog. The reservoir serves as the sole water supply for the Village of Florida in addition to customers in the Town of Goshen including Valley View nursing home, the county jail, the Emergency Services Center, and the Department of Social Services. Eighty-five percent of the county’s land area is only served by individual private wells.

“By acquiring these additional 95 acres, Orange County protects a critical habitat and ensures the quality of a major water supply. I applaud the legislature’s decision to act unanimously to save another piece of Glenmere Lake,” said Neuhaus.

In December Neuhaus announced an agreement with the Open Space Institute to preserve 398 acres of previously vacant land in the Town of Chester in order to safeguard an important aquifer recharge area and open up miles of new hiking trails for county residents. A map of the 95-acre parcel provided by the Orange County Real Property Tax Service is attached.

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