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Orange County DA Frank Phillips Reconsiders Retiring Will Seek Re-Election

Mar 14th, 2013 | By | Category: Featured Articles

In a statement released this morning, Orange County District Attorney released the following statement:

During the past several weeks I have reconsidered my decision to retire from office at the end of my current term. This reconsideration was based upon my conversations with many people, both inside and outside of politics, that occurred in the few weeks after my retirement announcement. On or about February 15th I began to discuss  running for reelection with party leaders. Last Thursday, March 7th, I met with the Executive Committee of the Republican party to advise them that I will seek reelection.

I come in, not as the challenger, but as the seven-term incumbent seeking reelection, with a reputation for integrity and results.  I am a proven vote-getter and I have the record and resources necessary to win.

When I announced my decision to retire I  stated that I would like to serve beyond 2013 but I was unsure that I could commit to another full four year term. I realize now that I can make, and will keep, that commitment to serve a full term. I  have the energy and enthusiasm necessary to continue to lead the outstanding organization that I have  built, with the help of many  dedicated people, over the past 28 years.

Based on numerous conversations I’ve had with a large cross section of the electorate I don’t think that the voters will have any problems with my reassessment of my decision to retire. Everyone has the ability, even a duty, to reassess important decisions we make. I’ve changed my decision in only a few short weeks. In hindsight I guess that I should have talked to more of these folks before my  retirement announcement.

My decision to run is not based on the candidacy of anyone else. It is based on my belief that my continued service as District Attorney is in the best interests of the people of this county.

Any incumbent must run on their record and I believe that my record is second to none. As District Attorney I lead an office that is a professional, experienced, and results oriented organization which does justice for all of our citizens. I have no hesitancy in presenting that  record to the voters.

During the last 28 years I’ve had the opportunity to meet thousands of people. Each year members of my staff, and I, interact with many thousands of individuals who come into the criminal justice system as jurors, crime victims, and witnesses. Our work has resulted in a positive public image of the Office and of me as the District Attorney.

We have continued to use innovative approaches to address evolving issues facing law enforcement and prosecutors. I know that, together with my staff, we will continue to lead the way forward to make our county a safer place. We are ready to meet all of the challenges that may arise.

Obviously there are political issues in play. My decision to enter the race has been well received in the Republican party. There are some committee members who, while supporting me in the past, may not support me now because they have committed to another candidate. I understand and respect their positions and I know that they, like me, can reassess their decisions.

I have widespread and positive name recognition among the voters and I am a proven winner. In the next two months I will appear before the members of the Republican committee to ask for their support. My candidacy will help every other Republican candidate on the ballot in November.

District Attorneys are ethically prohibited from engaging in politics in any year in which they are not running for office and clearly this is a very important political year. My record of running an office that is insulated from any political  influence is something that voters of all parties respect.

I will also seek the endorsement of both the Conservative and Independence parties which have supported me in the past.


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