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Orange County Announces Gun Buyback Program for 2013

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“Save a Life” program aims to reduce gun violence by collecting illegal or unwanted guns with no questions asked and amnesty for possession

Orange County Executive Edward A. Diana, together with Orange County District Attorney Francis D. Phillips, Orange County Sheriff Carl E. DuBois, City of Middletown Police Chief Ramon Bethencourt, City of Newburgh Police Chief Michael Ferrara, City of Port Jervis Police Chief William Worden, Police Chiefs’ Association of Orange County President Todd M. Hazard, and ShopRite’s Vice President of Human Resources and Community Affairs Mr. Tom Urtz, announced today that the County would be sponsoring the 2013 “Save a Life” Gun Buyback Program aimed at reducing violence in Orange County by asking individuals to turn in illegal or unwanted firearms in exchange for ShopRite gift cards with no questions asked and amnesty for possession.

Orange County Gun Buyback Program

“Orange County is committed to reducing gun violence and reducing the injuries and deaths associated with unlawful access to firearms,” said County Executive Diana.  “No one can argue against removing unlawful and unwanted guns to prevent them from getting into the wrong hands.  I encourage all of our citizens that may be in possession of an illegal or unwanted gun to do the right thing and take advantage of this program.”

“Save a Life,” Orange County’s Gun Buyback program begins tomorrow, January 18, and runs through March 18, 2013.  During this time, individuals may turn in illegal or unwanted firearms in exchange for up to $150 in gift cards, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no questions asked, at drop-off locations in our three cities: the Middletown Police Department on James Street, the Newburgh Police Department on Broadway, and the Port Jervis Police Department on Hammond Street, as well as at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, 110 Wells Farm Road in Goshen.

“Unwanted, unlicensed, or neglected firearms are more likely to find their way into the hands of persons who will facilitate their use in a crime,” said Orange County Sheriff DuBois. “Any firearm surrendered will be one less weapon that could possibly be encountered by Police Officers.”

“This program is an important part of a larger strategy to deal with gun violence,” said Orange County District Attorney Phillips.  “It enables people to lawfully dispose of guns that could otherwise end up in the hands of criminals.”

The County held two previous gun buyback programs, one in 2007 when 198 firearms were turned in and then again in 2010 when 217 guns were collected.

“ShopRite has been an outstanding community partner here in Orange County for years now,” said Diana.  “We sincerely appreciate and thank them for their generous support and continued commitment to the people of Orange County.”

“The health and wellness of our associates, customers and community are a vital part of our core beliefs,” said Tom Urtz, Vice President of Human Resources and Community Affairs, ShopRite.

To receive amnesty for possession of a gun, along with a ShopRite gift card, the following gun turn in procedure must be followed: 1. Contact nearest City Police Department; 2.Gun must be delivered unloaded; 3. Gun must be in a clear plastic bag; 4. Ammunition will be accepted, but no credit given; 5. If transported by car, gun must be transported in the trunk of the car; 6. After gun is screened by officers, a gift card will be given; 7. Rifles and shotguns will be accepted; and, 8. Gun dealers and brokers are not eligible.

For more information, please contact the nearest City Police Department – Middletown (845) 343-3151, Newburgh (845) 569-7532, Port Jervis (845) 856-5101 or the Orange County Sheriff’s Office at (845) 291-7900.


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