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NFA 2012 Crew Finish First and Second in Division

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Congratulations to the NFA 2012 Varsity Crew Team, for double honors — the Team will make history when it receives the first-ever Certificate for Outstanding Scholar-Athlete Varsity Team from the Hon. Judith Kennedy, Mayor of the City of Newburgh, on June 11; and on Saturday, June 2, 2012, the NFA Varsity Crew Team marked the 14th year in a row that NFA has either won the Boys or girls team title of the Hudson Valley Rowing League, “Sectionals” for the crew teams of the Hudson Valley. Here are the results of the June 2, 2012 Sectionals.

The NFA Girls Varsity Crew Team tied for First Place in the Class A Division, sharing the honor with the outstanding Wappingers Crew Team. The NFA boys team finished in second place. The HVRL crew teams all performed remarkably well, considering that they rowed in the pouring rain, and faced both dense fog, driving rain and tumultuous water conditions. “All of the rowers in the Hudson Valley Rowing League are to be commended. The fact that no one tipped over in those weather conditions is a testament to the physical and mental conditioning of all the rowers,” said Coach Ed Kennedy.

NFA Girls Crew Sectionals

NFA Girls Varsity Crew Team on June 2, 2012 at Sectionals

NFA Boys Crew Sectionals

NFA Boys Varsity Crew Team on June 2, 2012 at Sectionals

“I will only concentrate on the positives,” said Coach Ed Kennedy — although he acknowledges that the 72-member NFA Crew Team has been eliminated by the Newburgh Board of Education as of the 2012-2013 School Year, after 22 years of championship rowing.  “Our kids won a championship for the 14th year in a row and finihsed their season 7-0 under conditions that would bring most adults to their knees,” said Coach Kennedy.  “They also will receive a historic award from Mayor Kennedy at their Awards Dinner.  The parents and the Board of Ed are working together to try to find a place for the varsity crew team at NFA.  I am confident that if it was meant to be, then the Varsity crew team will row again.  It’s not over until March 2013 rolls around, we’ve got plenty of time to work it out.  Yes, the parents would have to raise the funds for the crew team when and if it returns, but they are prepared to do it.  We all are.”

The NFA Girls Crew Team won the both the 4x event and the Light-4x event. The Girls 4x was: Maddy Dill, Amanda McKnight, Gabby Ramos, Bryanna LeBron, and Courtney Irwin (coxswain). The Light 4x was: Ruby Melendez, Yarrow Starbeck, Becca Hayen, Gabbi Napolitano, and Kyra Bottali.

The Girls 8x placed 3rd, and was made up of Jessie Dennis, Steff Sciolaro, Girls Team Captain Aliya Levinstein, Lea Stepakoff, Kerry Kennedy, Amanda Perez, Erin Lougran, and Larrissa Sheridan (coxswain).

The NFA Boys Crew Team achieved the same finish as the girls. The Champion Boys 4x was made up of Mike Terralavoro, Toussant Helm, Anthony Antonelli, Frank Maurice, and Tyler Jury (coxswain). The Champion Boys Light 4x, was: Victor Santiago, Dante Davis, Allan Murillo, Ian Mullarkey, and Davante Davis (coxswain); the Boys 8x was made up of Team Co-Captains Casey Baker and Steve Shaffer, Kyle Britton, Nick Illenberger, Matt Weresbe, Nick Bourne, Eric Motley, Jr., Carlos Carbrera, and Johnny Kennedy.

Conner Schafer placed 3rd in the single and the girls’ quad placed 2nd and was made up of Brianna Schafer,Tyler Trifolo, Ilci Velarde, and Alexandra Rimac.

On the Newburgh Rowing Club side, NYS Champion Matt Scholl placed first in the Men’s 1x, finishing well ahead of the competition.

Next up: the NFA Crew Team Awards Dinner on June 11, 2012, where the Team will be presented with an award for Outstanding Achievement as a team of Scholar Athletes by Mayor Judy Kennedy, an honor never before bestowed upon a varsity team by a City of Newburgh Mayor. The NFA Crew Team has a collective scholastic average of over 90 and is replete with members of the Honor Society, Junior Honor Society, and Science Honor Society. The Section 9 Female Scholar Athlete from NFA is multiple N Block Award Winner and Team Captain Aliya Levinstein, with an average of over 98.6, and who finished her year in the top 1% of the class.


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