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Neuhaus Endorsed by Independence Party for Orange County Exec

Mar 6th, 2013 | By | Category: Political

Orange County Executive candidate and Chester Town Supervisor Steve Neuhaus has been endorsed by the New York State Independence Party for the 2013 Orange County Executive’s race.

In a letter to Neuhaus, State Independence Party Chairman Frank MacKay stated “I am writing to congratulate you on being endorsed by the Independence Party for Orange County Executive.”

MacKay also said that given Orange County’s changing political dynamic he felt it was critical that the Republican, Conservative, and Independence candidates be united. A number of Republicans have lost recent races due to, among other things, frustration with the current County leadership, something Neuhaus is not a part of, and has pledged to change. MacKay said that Neuhaus’ consistent independence from the current GOP leadership made the choice easy.

“The reality is this year, if there is not a uniting of interest between the three party lines (Republican/Conservative and Independence), the successes the Democratic/Working Families party candidates have seen of late in Orange County may well continue.  From Steve’s anti-nepotism law to his willingness to take on special interests, Steve has shown a lot of courage as a Supervisor that we look forward to seeing carried into the County Executive’s office.”

All three of the Republican candidates for Executive, Edward Diana, Michael Sweeton, and Neuhaus have run on the Independence Party line for the offices they now hold.

Long-time Independence Party Member Frank Palermo, echoed MacKay’s view on Neuhaus. “Steve Neuhaus is not under the control of any current or former Republican party boss. We need someone with true independence. There are no integrity questions with him that his opponents can exploit. He is rock solid in terms of integrity and I know he’s going to be a great County Executive.”

Langdon Chapman, a member of the Independence Party said of the early endorsement of Neuhaus, “Steve will be a great County Executive for many reasons.  Steve’s political courage and independence are at the top of the list.  I know he will bring positive change to Orange County government.”

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