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Mount Saint Mary College Offers New Courses

Feb 6th, 2011 | By | Category: Featured Articles

Mount Saint Mary College has launched new courses this spring with an eye on global issues.

From the problem of evil and environmental challenges, to using advanced mathematics to meet the needs of communities, these classes encourage critical thinking about relevant topics.

A theme-based interdisciplinary Honors Course on “The Problem of Evil” studying the Holocaust of World War II will address questions such as:  How does one conceptualize evil, and how did the perpetrators and bystanders defend systematic genocide?

“The Problem of Evil” will also touch on current unrest in the world and will be team taught by Dr. Nicole Shea, literature; Dr. Michael Fagge, religious studies; Dr. Rae Fallon, psychology; and Dr. Stan Pycior, history.

Students will meet with holocaust survivors when the class visits the Holocaust Museum in New York City.

From the evil in the world to the “evils” in the environment, “Environmental Sustainability” examines the toxicity of various pollutants in the environment, exploring their impact on human health.

Taught by Dr. Margaret Larrousse, the course will also analyze non-renewable and alternative energy resources and address the predicted influence that climate change may have on ecological diversity and the ability to cultivate a sustainable society.

“Combinatorics” taught by Dr. Zachary Kudlak will help answer questions such as: what’s the most efficient route plan to clean and plow a city’s streets?  Or: if three homes need to be connected to the gas, water, and electric companies within a municipality, is there a way to make all nine connections without any of the lines crossing each other and without sending any of the connections through another company or home?

Mount Saint Mary College offers courses of study in education, health professions, business, psychology, social services and liberal arts.  Opportunities abound in robust internships, a Career Center, student clubs and honors and study abroad programs.

An Instant Admissions Day will be held February 12 and Open House is February 20 at the campus at 330 Powell Avenue. For further information or to make a reservation, call 845-569-3488 or visit


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