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Michael Sussman Hosts Open Forum of City of Newburgh Police Procedures

Aug 5th, 2012 | By | Category: Featured Articles

Described as a community meeting, Orange County based  civil rights attorney Michael Sussman held a forum in which he was the presenter on Sunday afternoon, August 5th at the former Masonic Temple in the City of Newburgh.

About 40 community members as well as sitting Mayor Judy Kennedy and members of the press were in attendance. Sussman offered dozens of factual reports of what are alleged to be strong-arm tactics involving the use of tasers and K-9 trained dogs, fist attacks and punches by police  against what Sussman says were seemingly non-threatening citizens, mostly African Americans and Latinos.

Nearly all  arrests were brought to trial and dismissed, only later to be settled in civil actions as long as 4 years after the reported incidents.

Sussman concludes in his investigation that there exists a core group of 6 or 7 police officers routinely involved in the citizen complaints as opposed to a rampant problem that permeates the entire department.

Hudson Valley Insider will not name the officers in question despite Sussman’s mention of them.

Sussman offers several possible solutions to improve Newburgh Police operations including, but not limited to the installation of video cameras to record all stops and a citizens review panel to operate as a checks and balance system in the future.

City of Newburgh Mayor Judy Kennedy has not responded to calls for her comment at this time.



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