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Mayor Judy Kennedy Announces Official Launch of Newburgh’s Project I Am

Nov 6th, 2013 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Lead Article

Mayor Judy Kennedy in partnership with Pastor Joel Sheets and several faith-based organizations announced the launch of a new program, “Project I Am”.

“The mission of Project I Am is to promote the adoption of universal principles and values that the entire community can use to encourage and teach our children, and that we as adults can apply as mentors and examples,” the Mayor stated.  “At the core of Project I Am are three simple but profound ideas:  Treat others right, make smart decisions and maximize your potential.”

Each month the project leaders will introduce a new principle/value through posters and emails that teachers, faith-based and civic leaders, businesses and youth will be encouraged to discuss and adopt. November’s principle, popping up on signs throughout the Greater Newburgh Community is “I Am an Inquirer.” This message encourages young people to develop their natural curiosity and a love of learning, and to acquire skills necessary for inquiry and research.

City of Newburgh Project I AM
The project leaders want key institutions and organizations to teach, model, discuss, and share the “principle of the month” in their lessons, sermons, meetings, and places of business.

“The goal is to build a community-wide vision of love, respect and safety and create a spirit of pride,” the Mayor commented. “As we encourage the use, discussion and adoption of the monthly principle by teachers, faith-based and civic leaders, and our youth, we hope to boost personal achievement, the overall success of all individuals and to cultivate a lifelong passion for love, respect, safety, and a spirit of pride within the community.” She added, “By creating a community focus on positive values, the team hopes to reduce or eliminate the negativity, poverty, greed and violence.”

The City Council passed a resolution on Oct 28, 2013 in support of “Project I Am.” For more information on the benefits of getting involved and how you and/or your business can help, please visit email or send an email.


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