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Lindsay Pietroluongo – Phrases You Shouldn’t Hear In Adulthood

Mar 6th, 2014 | By | Category: Lifestyle

“Because I Said So” and Other Phrases You Shouldn’t Hear In Adulthood

Last week, I wrote an article for a client. For a little background, this client was listed on a website I used to write for. Pay is extremely low and I worked for them once upon a time to fill in budget gaps when absolutely necessary. Now I just need enough money in my funds account to cash out and never write for the website again. I repeat: Pay is extremely low. Like, $4.75 for 500 words low. That rate is an embarrassment in the writing world, but something you have to do at the beginning of a career to build experience.

Anyway, I wrote a pretty great article, especially considering the pennies I was getting for it. The client requested a revision: “The assignment says friendly tone. Revise accordingly.” Okay, fine. A lame revision, if I do say so myself, but easy enough. I revised and added a few sentences to make the article more conversational. I had barely hit the “Send” key before the client sent back the article again. This time, the message said, “Do what I say or cancel the article.” Let’s not even talk about the fact that the client couldn’t possibly have had time to actually read the article…

I looked at my boyfriend and asked, “When was the last time somebody said to you, ‘Do what I say’?” He just shook his head. Utterly annoyed, I wrote the client a less-than-lovely response (which I almost never let myself do), canceled the article, sent it to a client who will pay five times as much and took a mini-break from work.

Call me crazy, but as an adult, I don’t think I should ever be told what to do. Now, I understand that when you work for somebody, you’re directed to carry out certain tasks and expected to fulfill specific obligations. Even then, though, a certain level of respect is obligatory. Admittedly, I’m not the ideal person to talk to about this. I work for myself, which means the only person breathing down my neck is Focused Lindsay, my alter ego.

As a college-educated person, though, I think I have the mental capacity to reason that over a certain age, being bossed around by anyone other than your actual boss isn’t acceptable. Yes, I work with clients, and of course I have to do what they want. But honestly, I can’t remember the last time someone said, “Do what I say!” or “Because I said so” or anything like that. Well, other than the offensive command I received last week.

Other things that are unbecoming of adulthood? Nagging your significant other (I don’t nag, you can ask him); apologizing for your political affiliation, religion or sexual orientation; criticizing someone you love in public – or in private; and feeling pressure to move in, get married or have babies on anyone’s time clock but your own.


Lindsay Pietroluongo is a full-time freelance writer in the Hudson Valley. Her work has appeared in the Poughkeepsie Journal and Chronogram magazine. Lindsay also writes business content and marketing materials for professionals. Visit Lindsay on the Rocks and Poison Apple Ink to learn more. Lindsay can be seen on Hudson Valley Insider each Thursday under the Lifestyle section.


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