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Lindsay Pietroluongo – Gorgeous Wedding Gowns in Unexpected Colors

May 9th, 2013 | By | Category: Lifestyle

Ivory may be the go-to color for most brides, but what if any shade of white just makes you look washed out and pasty? Is that really how you want to look on the most important day of your life – your wedding day? Probably not. Break from tradition and opt for an alternative wedding gown in either a pale or bold color.

Squash the Naysayers!

Only white gowns are sophisticated enough for a bride.” Nonsense! Celebrities exude the epitome of glamour on the red carpet, and most of the time, they’re not wearing white.

Guests won’t be able to spot the bride!” That’s ridiculous – you’re still the bride and the belle of the ball, no matter what color gown you’re wearing. Believe us, your guests are going to know who they’re there to see.

You really should stick with tradition…” Well, then white definitely isn’t the way to go if you’re going to take a cue from history. White wedding gowns are a fairly new style. Prior to the 1960s, colored gowns were more popular.

White is the only color that’s fashionable for a wedding gown.” No way! More than a few celebrities have worn a colorful dress for their big day. Plus, in 2012, wedding designers showed tons of color for their 2013 collections, including Vera Wang. So there.

Color Options

The main thing you should think about when choosing what color gown you want to wear for your wedding is what you know you look good in. You may want a pale pink gown, but if pastel colors make your skin look terrible, you really should make another choice. Also, don’t take a fashion risk on your wedding day – a yellow gown may have looked adorable on Amber Tamblyn, but if you’re not sure about the shade, opt for a color you’re more confident with.

Blue: Brides love to use their gown as their “something blue” on their wedding day, and everything from navy blue accents to all-over baby blue can look beautiful.

Red: If you love this sexy shade, keep in mind that it’s not totally out of place for your wedding day. After all, red is the wedding gown color choice for many brides in China, Japan and Europe.

Black: There are few colors more chic – and flattering – than black, which is why it’s not such a wild choice for a wedding gown. Ask guests to wear lighter colors so that you really stand out from the crowd.

Pastels are excellent if you want a gown that’s slightly offbeat without looking too unorthodox.Light pink, yellow and peach can look close to off-white while still being pretty and unique.

Ombre gowns are a great option if you want some color without forgoing white entirely. Gowns can start out stark white on the top and then gradually turn into any color you wish, with a bold hue at the bottom.

Colored accessories are a great way to incorporate different shades into an otherwise classic wedding gown. Your dress’ trim, bow, sash or hemline can be colored while the rest of your gown can remain white. You can also match your shoes and jewelry to the pop of color.


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