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Letter to the Editor – Upholding Integrity

Jul 24th, 2012 | By | Category: OP ED

Letter to the Editor – Upholding Integrity

On May 18th County Executive Edward Diana made the following statement in a letter to the community, “I believe there is no greater responsibility than upholding the integrity of public office. I stand by my personal convictions and beliefs and am committed to being fiscally and ethically responsible.”

While it is refreshing to read that statement coming from our Chief Executive in Orange County, I call to question Mr. Diana’s follow through in living up to that responsibility he claims to uphold.  By avoiding the opportunity to truthfully address the public under oath, by providing testimony, it begs the question as to how honest and truthful he is being on certain business and issues as they relate to the taxpayers of Orange County.

Mr. Diana you are a publicly elected official and it is your duty to take the opportunity presented and speak the truth when it comes to the business of the people.

Stephen L. Krasner
Town of Newburgh, NY


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