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Letter to the Editor July 29 2012

Jul 29th, 2012 | By | Category: OP ED

A recent op/ed submission to the Sentinel newspaper from City resident Brian Flannery regarding  disruptive behavior at Newburgh  city council meetings was of interest in terms of the writers observations. Mr. Flannery took issue with the “heckling” from the audience, largely associated  with supporters and family members of 22 year old Michael Lembhard who was shot dead by two city of Newburgh police officers in early March of 2012. Mr Flannery commented that other meeting attendees were essentially denied the opportunity to speak due to “distractions from the Lembhard camp”. He went on to comment that he has never seen people “so thoroughly discredit the legitimacy of their cause by their own actions.”

It would be a reminder to all, no matter how serious the issue, that in a forum such as a city council meeting that a level of decorum should be maintained, and it is that to which many would agree with Mr. Flannery. As this matter and several others involving the NPD have been called into question in past years, the examination of same should include common courtesy. If that tact proves to be ineffective, there exist resources such as noted civil rights attorney Michael Sussman’s efforts to examine policy and procedure to ascertain if there may exist some deviation.

The search for truth is at times a tortious pursuit. Let cool heads and determination prevail with the presence of righteous indignation.

Bob Camporeale
Town of Newburgh


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