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Hudson Valley Residents Should Create A Home Inventory List

Jul 16th, 2013 | By | Category: Lifestyle

Homeowners and businesses continue to suffer the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Irene, and Tropical Storm Lee. Families and individuals are homeless. Small businesses closed. Wow! It’s been over a year.

Why is the insurance company taking forever to write checks? They need proof of your loss, especially big-ticket items, such as major appliances, furniture, and all small things you may forget about. Providing proof is your responsibility. Creating a home inventory list is suggested on most insurance policies.

Prepare a home inventory list before the next catastrophe strikes. Make a small strategic investment to rebuild and recover losses accurately fast. Be proactive to minimize the hardship associated with disasters. Have you already completed a home inventory list? Remember to update it when you purchase new items and get rid of things. Make copies for your insurance agent. Store the original in your financial institution’s safety box.

Homeowners including renters, and church congregations need to know, property replacement can be a simple process by having proper photographs, and documentation such as serial/model numbers, prior to a sudden loss. You may want to include receipts and manuals.

Use your home inventory list to choose or to reevaluate your insurance policy with your agent making sure both your home and possessions are covered in full.
Your home inventory list is good for tax purposes, police reports, estate planning, moving/storage and many other things.

Orange County Executive Diana is ahead of the storm. In his article, “Hudson Valley Residents Prepare For 2013 Hurricane Season.” He says, “Inventory Personal Property; Safely secure all records and valuable documents in a watertight place.”

Senator Schumer is prepared. He re-introduced “The Metal Theft Protection Act.” requiring any one selling copper pipes to provide proof of ownership. This act protects homes, businesses, and churches from theft and damage.

More than once you can be the victim of a fire, storm or theft, don’t suffer hardship and emotional grief. Create that home inventory list now! A dull pencil is better than a sharp mind. Take it to your insurance agent and discuss your coverage.

For information please contact Richard Bell of Hudson Valley Home Inventory and Bell’s Security Guard Training School


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