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Dutchess County Realtors Meet With State Legislators in Albany

Jun 28th, 2013 | By | Category: Featured Articles

A group from the Dutchess County Association of Realtors (DCAR)met with New York State Senate and Assembly members and/or their staff in June to discuss proposed legislation affecting the real estate market in Dutchess County.

Dialogue with the office of Senator Terry Gipson and offices of Assembly members Didi Barrett, Kevin Cahill and Frank Skartados covered several proposed actions. The legislators noted the comments from the group on legislation regarding Broker Rebates & Incentives, Registering real estate “Team Names” with the Department of State, Transparency and Disclosure in Co-operative Housing, legislation which seeks to add “source of income” as a protected class in New York State Human Rights and Executive Law, Expanded Agriculture Disclosure Notice, Mortgage Recording and Transfer Taxes Implementation and Extenders.

The most focused debate, affecting Dutchess County, centered on the County’s proposal to increase the Mortgage Recording Tax under the Home Rule Statute from 1.05% to 1.55%. The Dutchess County Legislature on June 10 by a vote of 17 – 8 “…approves of the Bill and urges…” the Governor and New York State Senators and Assembly members representing Dutchess County “…support its adoption…”

The Realtor group does not support the proposal and finds it will have a negative impact on the recovering yet fragile Dutchess County real estate market and carried their concern to Albany. An example cited is a home purchase with a $200,000 mortgage will cause an additional fee of $1250 to the buyer.

DCAR members that went to the state capitol were Kelly Campbell, Fred Cantor, Alicia Crisp, John Greenan, Don Maher, Barbara Novak, Joe Pettinella, Royal Ricci and Sandy Tambone.


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