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Creative Writing Workshops Saturdays at Bethel Woods

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Saturdays March 30 – May 4 Sessions Focus on K-9 Creative Writing

Saturdays at the Woods” supports Bethel Wood’s mission of inspiring creativity, expression and innovation through the arts by giving young people an opportunity to participate in workshops that explore areas of the creative writing. Each Saturday, March 30 – May 4, young people in grades K-9 can participate in an interactive experience that unleashes the imagination and celebrates self-expression through the art of creative writing. The three workshops include Storytellers, Budding Authors and The Write Stuff.  Each workshop offers six sessions. Admission per session is $10 to $12 or sign-up for the entire workshop for $55 to $65 per child.

In an effort to make these programs accessible to all families, scholarships are available to offset the registration costs. A sliding-scale (from partial to full financial assistance) offers different levels of scholarship assistance, based on family need. Through this scholarship program, made possible in part through funding from Guardian Angel Motorsports, Bethel Woods seeks to make the arts a part of every child’s life. Through the arts, children and young people have the opportunity to expand their horizons, explore new worlds, and find a voice for themselves. The scholarship program is a way to ensure that these opportunities are available to all. Families with multiple children interested in participating in Saturdays at the Woods may apply for scholarships for all children. More information about scholarships.
Storytellers introduces young people in grades K-2 to a variety of opportunities for creative expression through reading and writing. Centered on themes of children’s literature, Storytellers is a workshop that includes singing, movement and arts & crafts.

March 30 – Imaginary Worlds: Whacky imaginative worlds are explored, as are the creation of fantasy worlds and the fun of nonsense words!
April 6 – Lots of Plot: Participants focus on the ingredients of telling a story as they act out the stories they read.
April 13 – Author! Author!: Kids are introduced to short biographies of favorite children’s authors and learn about how they came to be writers.
April 20 – Rhyme Time: The fun of telling stories with rhyme introduces the world of poetry to participants.
April 27 –What a Character!: What makes an interesting character? Participants practice creating unique and colorful people.
May 4 – Around the World: Participants take a journey around the world, celebrating storytelling from across the globe as they enjoy short stories from many cultures.

Budding Authors introduces young people in grades 3-6 to a variety of opportunities for creative expression through the art form of creative writing. Fantasy writing, mystery writing, poetry, and other genres will be explored.

March 30 – Colorful Writers: Colorful Writers is an introduction to colorful, ear-catching writing and how to get the most out of your words.
April 6 – Fun with Poetry: Participants will practice writing haiku, acrostics, ballads and other fun [easy-to-try] poems.
April 13 – Fantasy Worlds: Creativity is unleashed when participants learn what makes a fantasy story interesting and practice how to create an original world from scratch.
April 20 – Character Creation: What makes a character unique? Writers discuss and create original, well-defined characters from their own imaginations.
April 27 – Recording the Truth: How does a writer write non-fiction and keep it interesting? Through writing their own autobiographical vignettes, participants practice the art of recording reality in a creative way.
May 4 – Mystery and Suspense: Participants become Sherlock Holmes as they learn the ingredients to writing a brain-teasing mystery.

The Write Stuff exercises the creative writing skills of young people in grades 7-9, introducing to them new avenues of written expression and self-exploration through the written word.

March 30 – Talking in Color: Young writers practice techniques to add color to their writing.
April 6 – Developing Character: What makes a character unique? Writers discuss and create original, well-defined characters by learning how to giving subtle details throughout their writing.
April 13 – The Plot Thickens: Plot structure and misdirection are explored in this workshop that examines what it means to create mystery and suspense in writing.
April 20 – The Poetic Writer: The three types of poetry are practiced: Lyric, Narrative and Dramatic. Participants learn about each type of poetry, what details define it, and then practice writing their own.
April 27 – Writing Outside the Box: Through theme writing, participants use an abstract theme like “Courage,” “Devotion” or “Optimism” as a basis for describing an idea through creative expression.
May 4 – Convincing Words: Participants practice arguing a point of view by using colorful descriptions, structured arguments, and supporting facts and ideas.

For more information or to register please visit or call (845) 583-2008. All supplies and materials are included in fees.


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