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Court Dismisses Schmitt Lawsuit Against Roddey

Aug 2nd, 2012 | By | Category: Political

A decision was announced this week by the Albany Supreme Court that a lawsuit filed by Colin Schmitt—alleging that Mayor of the Village of Goshen and Republican candidate for the 99th Assembly District, Kyle Roddey, collected signatures for his campaign that contained inconsistencies—was dismissed after its filing on July 24. Justice Eugene P. Devine, who presided over the case, stated that Schmitt’s “petition lacks any merit.”

The ‘invalidating petition,’ filed by the opponent, was accompanied by an ‘emergency’ affirmation. The court, however, dismissed the petition within a matter of days, and an award of costs was granted to the respondent.

The judge stated the following in his written decision:

“Clearly, the respondent received well above the required number of valid signatures and exercised due diligence in doing so. Therefore, as this Court now finds and determines that the petition lacks any merit and must be dismissed, the Court will also award costs to respondent [Roddey].”

“This is the party of Reagan—a party of small government and big ideas. I have a proven track record of both, and my opponent has neither,” said Roddey. “In the last week alone, Schmitt has wasted more taxpayer dollars than he has paid in taxes. It’s a shame that at a time when we should be fighting for tax relief for our fellow citizens, we have potential leaders who completely disregard the value of taxpayer dollars. The fact that Colin has rendered this an ‘emergency’ further demonstrates his recklessness and lack of regard for everyone who truly needs to utilize our courts. I am simply glad that this situation was wrapped up quickly so we can get back to the real issues at hand.”

Roddey holds endorsements from the Orange County Conservative Party, Orange County Independence Party, Orange County Republican Party, as well as Sheriff Carl DuBois. His political career began as a trustee in the Village of Goshen before being elected Mayor in 2011.

Roddey’s campaign issues include property tax relief, improving New York’s business climate, and mandate relief to improve our schools and decrease the costs.

District 99 is comprised of the Orange County towns of Goshen, Hamptonburgh, Wawayanda, New Windsor, Blooming Grove, Chester, Cornwall, Woodbury, Highlands and Stony Point in Rockland County.


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