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Comments on Town of Newburgh 2015 Budget

Nov 8th, 2014 | By | Category: OP ED

As the Acting Town Supervisor and Chief Financial Officer of the Town of Newburgh, I am proud to have presented and have the board approve the Town of Newburgh’s 2015 Budget. With a combined increase of 1.92 %. This 2015 budget has a combined increase of 1.92% for the average home owner with an assessed value of $ 68.240 and a home of approx. 200-250K In 2014 would have paid combined, General and Highway $ 832 and in 2015 will pay $ 848.00 an increase of approx. $ 16.00. The preparation of this budget was an effort between the Town Board, myself, the accountant’s office, and all department heads.

The focus of this Budget continues to be the same as it has been in the past: to maintain essential services to the residents of the Town of Newburgh without a drastic increase to the tax rate. We will maintain a total of over 179 full time and 73 part time employees. This budget enforces our commitment to public safety with 48 full-time police officers and 12 part-time officers, and continue such programs as DARE.

The budget also provides for 31 full-time highway employees, Recreation programs remain unchanged with over 24 bus trips, Operation of Dial a Bus, Camps and many other special events. This proposed budget is a responsible spending plan, to keep town taxes low, in this slowly recovering economy.

My philosophy, as well as the Town Boards, has been to “save for a rainy day” as we strive to maintain a healthy fund balance. This philosophy has served us well, and has allowed us, to maintain a healthy financial position with strong reserve levels,” as confirmed by our Moody’s Aa2 rating.

I am proud to present a budget that comes in under the 2% tax cap, and provides the services the Taxpayer expects and deserves.

The budget for 2015 was not an easy one.

Gil Piaquadio
Acting Town of Newburgh Supervisor


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