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Claudia Jacobs – How to Choose the Right Size Furniture

Jul 10th, 2013 | By | Category: Lifestyle

“It’s not hard to make a space that looks good by itself. The trick is to craft a room that’s even more attractive when it’s occupied. That’s when it becomes magical.”—Interior Designer Kerry Joyce

This quote is featured on the Millspaugh Furniture living room page on their website (

One of the issues I see when working with clients in their home is the “uncomfortable room”. It is either overcrowded with stuff or the furniture proportion is off. When the pieces are too large for the space it feels overwhelming.

Robin Hults, decorator and salesperson at Millspaugh’s Walden location offers the following advice.

Choosing the correct furniture for your room requires many elements. First consideration is the size of your room. Next what the room is really going to be used for. If it is a “lived in room” comfort is as important as your style.

Color is also an important element to consider. Can you see this room from other rooms in your home and will the colors flow?

You need to know if the furniture you choose will be able to get into the room at delivery. Pay attention to door size, if there are stairs or come straight into the room or at an angle. These are all important issue you need to consider
When choosing the size of your furniture you need to keep in mind both the amount of space that the furniture will take up in the room and will you be comfortable using it. You want enough space to walk around the room and still be very comfortable.

The size of the furniture is important for both space and comfort. If a chair will look great but no one wants to sit in it because it is so uncomfortable, than it may not work in your room
You want your finished room to not only wow you but also draw you in and say come relax here for a while.


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