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Claudia Jacobs – Decorating For the Sexes

Jul 16th, 2013 | By | Category: Lifestyle

Decorating for the sexes. He said, she said.

Working with clients is very rewarding. Picking up on clues on their style preference to functionality in their home is key to help a client love their home. Then there is the dynamics of the relationship. That’s the fun part because sometimes my role becomes that of a mediator.

Whoever makes the appointment will usually give me a bit of background and reveal the area that may be the hot topic between the couple. The space varies but the difference in opinion on what should be done in that space is why I am usually called in. Of course the caller is hoping I will side with them.

From the homes where the style is completely floral and feminine with no sign of masculinity to the male who has not transitioned out of the college dorm look; I’ve seen it all.

Recently I worked with a woman for about an hour in the home before I met the husband who was in his office/studio. His main concern was to make it functional for his needs. He also wanted it to be comfortable for him, and visually appealing to him. She wanted all the existing furniture to stay in the space. He did not.

We lively brainstormed. It was a high-energy discussion.

The solution was obvious to me but not to the wife. It is his space. He wants to be comfortable and function in his space to allow his creativity to flow.

A few furniture layouts were discussed as options with a bit of compromise for the couple to play with.  The bottom line was the loveseat he never used was leaving the space when she fought long and hard to keep it in there.

Moving onto the master bedroom, they both dislike the accent wall color. It was a rosey, mauvey kind of color that just did not suit the rest of the style in the home. He also did not like the floral bedding, another surprise because their home can best be described as funky/global transitional.

My solution was to bring the spicy color of the master bath into the bedroom as the accent wall color. They both loved it and he even volunteered to paint the wall ASAP himself. The unwanted loveseat from his space will land in the master bedroom. A solution they both loved.

The consultation took 2 hours, the design solution/couples counseling; priceless.


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Claudia Jacobs DesignsClaudia Jacobs is a decorator, professional stager, columnist, mom, friend & not in that order. Living life with joy & owner of Claudia Jacobs Designs in Goshen, NY. Voted 2011 RESA Professional Stager of the Year in the Northeast. Claudia can be seen each Tuesday on Hudson Valley Insider. Visit or call 845-294-8993. Send questions and photos to Follow her on Facebook & Twitter.


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