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Claudia Jacobs – A Dose of Reality if selling your home

Jun 12th, 2012 | By | Category: Lifestyle

How we dress, act and where and how we live set the stage for our lives.  Staging for selling your home allows people to prepare their home for sale while still enjoying their home in the process.

There is power in the message of staging: sell homes faster and for more money.  Staging allows the buyer to emotionally connect to the house.  The goal is to get the buyer to mentally move in while cost effectively getting the seller ready to move out.

It is amazing to me how many staging consultations I do where the homeowner does not plan on taking all of their stuff and yet there it sits eating up the equity of their home. Clutter eats equity. The more visual clutter there is the more it distracts the potential buyer to connect to the house. No connection means no sale and more price reductions.

Reality: the cost of staging is a lot less than the first price deduction.

Today the internet is the first impression for the real estate market.  If those online photos do not look good, few people will want to see the listing.  Between the multiple listing service and other online resources, a house for sale needs be ready for its big online reveal.

Reality: Poor online photos will deter potential buyers from physically viewing the listing.

Savvy realtors have been paying attention as well.  In this competitive market, a Realtor that recommends staging to their seller is providing a valuable marketing tool to set the house apart from other homes on the market. The savvy Realtor will also make sure your listing photos look good. After all they are selling your largest financial investment.

Baby boomers are downsizing. The target market for their homes are first time home buyers looking to have a home their family can grow into. A home that looks dated will be a turn off to these buyers.

Reality: Staging bridges the generation gap between older homes on the market and the young professionals shopping for their first home. 

What most people don’t know is that staging is tax deductible. The staging process can involve a staging consultation which gives the seller instructions on what to do to prepare their home for sale. Repairs, updates, color, smell and clutter issues are addressed. From there, the house can be staged using your own items. This involves editing and rearranging items to show off the features of the house. This also means getting the house ready to look good. Next level of staging is to physically bring in accessories or furnishings if necessary.

Reality: Doing something is better than doing nothing when it comes to preparing your house for sale.

Over the years I have refocused my staging clients and actually saved them time, energy and money by giving them direction on what to focus on. Many were planning on doing unnecessary things some of which would have been more of a distraction.

If you plan on selling your home contact a professional stager. If your home is currently on the market with no offers and price reductions, honestly access the online presence and ask yourself this question: Would you want to view/buy/live in this house? Then contact a professional stager.


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