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City of Newburgh Clean Up Gives Hope

May 28th, 2012 | By | Category: OP ED

Letter to the Editor:

On Saturday May 12th over 200 volunteers came together to clean a large portion of the City of Newburgh.  We came together as a community because we believe it is not okay for anyone to live among garbage. We hope our efforts send a strong message, that although this event comes only once a year there are 364 more days in the year, and all of us who live and work in this community must continue to do what we can to make this City great, and that includes keeping it clean.

Most encouraging to the organizers of this event was the number of  children who participated in the clean up, doing their part not only for the day but also making a pledge not to litter, to have pride in their community and to work hard to be sure dirty streets are no longer the norm.  It is our hope that these children can help make a positive change in the future of their community, where the new norm is clean streets, clean neighborhoods, a clean Newburgh.

We hope with cleaner streets the residents of this beautiful City will look up and see the mountains, the mighty river, the beautiful architectural and realize the hope and potential for this city and within all of us.

Tricia Haggerty-Wenz, Executive Director
and Lisa Silverstone, Associate Director
Safe Harbors of the Hudson


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