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Lead Articles : This is where the most important and topical information can be found. Breaking news, important events and subject matter that is of great interest to the majority of our readers.

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Featured Articles :  Stories and articles of  important current events.

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Business News : Your resource for information from the business community that shapes our region. These may be corporate press releases or that of local Chambers of Commerce; vital information to keep the business savvy professional up to date.

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Community Happenings : What you should know concerning local charitable organizations, events and community activities currently engaged throughout the Hudson Valley Region.

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Current Events : You’ll find an up to date view of what’s important in your community. Whether that is late breaking news, subscriber input on the topics that mean the most or editorials addressing the situations at hand.

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Entertainment : The Hudson Valley is host to some of the best local live entertainment as well as national acts. HV Insider will provide you with what’s going on in your neck of the woods.

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Political : Reporting on political issues presented in a format that you have never seen before – because keeping with the direction of HV Insider traditional media does not report the whole story for a variety of reasons – print is limited by space. Broadcast is limited to sound bites. Local news coverage over the past decades has become compromised. HV Insider will correct that issue.

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Opinion / Editorial : From time to time Hudson Valley Insider receives written contributions from area residents with opinions and concerns about current or ongoing events. We welcome your input on these matters and have created this special section of the website for these matters.

The comments and views expressed here are not that of the owners or officers of this website but the sole opinion of the individual.

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