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Bob Byrne Announces Candidacy for Tax Collector in Delaware Township

Mar 6th, 2013 | By | Category: Political

On February 19th, 2013 Bob Byrne, a local resident, announced his candidacy for the position of Tax Collector in Delaware Township, Pennsylvania.

Byrne, an accomplished senior insurance executive and technical expert, has broad experience in the casualty-property insurance industry, making him an excellent candidate for this position. He spent over 46 years managing financial business operations, giving him crucial organization skills and team managing skills. Byrne comes well-prepared for the challenges the position might hold.

Byrne actively supported Delaware Township Tax Collector Compensation Resolution 2012-08 which promised modification of the Tax Collectors compensation to help rein in township costs.

Byrne proposes opening negotiations with the local school district to reduce the percentages given to the tax collector annually. He assures prompt postings of tax collections and returned phone calls.

Bob Byrne Delaware Township

“The tax collector’s office needs to have greater transparency and accountability. It is my intent to develop a reputation as a good and effective Tax Collector, one who is capable of making fiscally responsible decisions while being responsive to the residents of Delaware Township,” said Bob Byrne.

Byrne has worked professionally with several large insurance firms throughout Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and California. At each firm, he yielded a positive, profitable growth impact. He currently holds licenses in New York and Pennsylvania. Byrne strives to use his past experience and success to improve Delaware Township and make it a better community for all residents.

Byrne’s other accomplishments include a twelve month deployment in Vietnam with the 196th Light Infantry Brigade, United States Army, a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from LaSalle University and a position as Chairman of the Delaware Township Republican Committee, and an active member of the Delaware Township Republican Club.

For more information on his campaign, please email him at by phone at 732-259-6478 or look him up on Facebook – Bob Byrne for Tax Collector.


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