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Barrett Calls on Silver to Resign the NY Assembly Speakership

Jan 27th, 2015 | By | Category: Current Events

Statement by Assemblymember Didi Barrett on the resent allegations of Sheldon Silver’s corruption.

“The charges against Speaker Sheldon Silver have shocked and saddened me. In the three years I have known him, the Speaker has demonstrated a consistent interest in our Hudson Valley district and its needs.

Like all Americans, he is entitled to the presumption of innocence and full due process under the law. As the legal process continues, I’m withholding final judgment. As a legislator, I believe that public service comes first, and that no man or woman is above the institution. These allegations, whether true or false, cast a vast shadow over the New York State Assembly, of which I am so honored to be a member, and have already become a distraction as we begin the process of formulating a $145 billion dollar spending plan for this state.

I stand with many of my colleagues in the belief that the time has come for Speaker Silver to step down as speaker, so that this house may move forward with the work we were elected to do free from the ethical cloud currently hanging over our deliberations. Furthermore, it is not acceptable to have an anointed successor. We should have an open and inclusive discussion about who is best suited to lead this body moving forward.

These charges, underline the critical need for more transparency and accountability from the elected officials charged with the public’s trust, as well as a need for meaningful ethics and campaign reform. I have called for this to happen since I first ran for state office in 2010. Too often, it is shocking to realize what is actually allowed and what is technically legal. I continue to believe that it’s time for that to change, and I want to be part of that reform process. I am committed to continuing to be the best advocate possible for my constituents and to doing the work I was elected to do.”


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