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Arlington School District Completes Safety and Security Audit

May 28th, 2013 | By | Category: Featured Articles

In response to the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School the Arlington School District has made significant improvements to the safety and security of our schools:

• Security Greeters are in place at all schools

• All schools now practicing three lockdown drills a year

• Safety protocols already in place have been reinforced

• District Emergency Response Team (DERT) and Building Emergency Response Teams (BERT) have been established

• Visitor protocols are now in place

Please remember that using the camera and buzzer systems, all visitors are be required to show ID BEFORE they enter the building. All visitors must sign in and out with the security greeter and wear a visitor badge at all times.

The Altaris Consulting Group completed a comprehensive and security audit of each of the district’s schools.  The results of the audit were presented at the April 2, 2013 Board of Education meeting.  They are summarized in the presentation linked below.

According to the Arlington School District’s website, to date, upgrades have been made to the security-greeter workstation so that greeters have control of the camera and lock release system.  They have also improved their visitor and staff entry procedures. Arlington High School now has a visitor –locked single point entry system. The district is continuing to make the improvements outlined in “Phase 2” of the safety and security audit. The cost of these improvements is included in the 2013-14 Educational Plan and Budget. The Board will be examining the “Phase 3” recommendations.

See the full Safety and Security Audit Summary


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