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Anthony K Culver Is On His Way

Jan 19th, 2011 | By | Category: Entertainment

Anthony K Culver is not just a man with a guitar. Although the love he has for his guitar some days surpass that of any human counterpart – he is a musician. The music he makes is pure and true. Each and every word pours straight from his soul and each one can be felt through his unmistakable vocals. Not many of today’s artists put songs out that can move you. Sure there are songs that people can relate to but the lyrics Culver lays down can only be written from the highest of highs or lowest of lows. Anthony K knows them both very well. Just a regular down to Earth guy, once he starts to play, he is the music – it’s his passion and he makes it yours. He puts his all into every performance and you cannot help but get drawn in and relate to the words he sings.

Originally from Massachusetts, Anthony K has called New York home for over 20 years. A true artist from day one, he knew that music would be a big part of his life and always had dreams of singing his songs and sharing his talent with the world. Having written over 150 songs, he says he can’t choose his favorite because each one has deep meaning – whether they are from current or past relationships, friendships, family, day to day experiences or just having a good time – they all are a piece of him. Anthony K has fronted several bands in the past, from rock to metal to country but he is best when he is out front by himself doing what he does best – entertaining. Culver has finally seemed to find his niche – the edge where rock and country meet. Five bands were chosen to play the Country Music Summit this year including The Anthony K Band and the June edition of Billboard Magazine showcased the event with an article on Anthony K along with Bo Bice, Madonna Nash, Gwen Sebastian and Landon Michael.

Anthony K Culver The Anthony K Band

Anthony K Culver

This great talent is about to be released to the masses. Anthony is part of the Avalanche Music Group and currently on a North American tour promoting his upcoming CD which is set to release this spring and be sure to listen for and request the first single entitled ‘Everything (Boozy Jones)‘ on your local country music station. He continues to make headlines as an up and coming Nashville artist and his unique new country sound is sure to make you a fan.

Speaking with Anthony just prior to his departure on the current tour, I asked if he owed anyone thanks – He quietly looked me in the eyes and said “Everyone that ever believed in me and my music.” If you haven’t heard him, you will and you wont ever forget him. Anthony K Culver is on his way and I’ll be very proud to say “I knew him when.”

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