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911 Call Leads To DWAI Drug Arrest

Nov 19th, 2012 | By | Category: Police Briefs

On November 14th, Troopers from State Police Kinderhook were dispatched via Columbia County 911 for a reported possible criminal mischief complaint in Stuyvesant.

Troopers responded to New Street and interviewed 20 year old Zackary Brandley of Stuyvesant, NY.  The Investigation revealed that Brandley had been involved in a property damage automobile accident involving two parked cars on New Street.  During the interview, Troopers detected the odor of marihuana.  At that time, Standardized Field Sobriety Tests were administered which Brandley could not perform.

Brandley was placed into custody and transported to State Police barracks in Kinderhook for processing.  He was charged with DWAI Drugs and issued tickets returnable in the town of Stuyvesant Justice Court on November 21.


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  1. First off I have the police report and there was no odor of marijuana. He did not fail all field tests. If he was under the influence he would not have passed the eye cordination test and he did.the test he failed was holding his leg up and that was given in the middle of a hill while he was shaking in the cold . His confusion was caused from the accident itself his break line broke he crashed airbag went off in his face stuck in the cab of his truck because he could not exit teh drivers side door ,not to mention he was the one who went and woke the homeowner of the cars that he crashed into. If under the influence like 90% of the population he would have fled the scene,and he did not.

  2. The information given in the article was sent directly from the State Police. The article was not embellished or added to. The content, as it’s posted, is directly taken from an official press release sent to Hudson Valley Insider from the New York State Police. This article is in no way saying he is or isn’t guilty, simply what he was charged with.