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4 Things You’ll Learn When You Take a Vacation

Jan 15th, 2015 | By | Category: Lifestyle

At the end of an exceptionally busy spring, I made a promise to myself: I would take the summer off. As someone who’s worked two or more jobs since teenage-hood, summer vacation was the stuff of elementary school, not self-employment. “But there must be something to that two month break,” I thought. Remember how much we all looked forward to going back to school, refreshed and eager for the routine to start again? As an adult with a career, I use the term “time off” loosely – I still spent most days doing some amount of work, but I purposely took more time away from my computer than I ever have before.

1. Your mind will refocus the more you clear it.

Whatever it is that you do to take your focus away from your job, do it – you’ll be surprised where your mind leads you when you’re not forced to think about work. I do my best thinking in the car, but since I’m chained to my computer most of the day, I don’t get to take many joy rides. This summer, I drove more than usual and got a ton of thinking and planning done.

2. You’ll remove non-essentials from your life.

During your getaway, you’ll realize that some of your habits and possessions aren’t necessary. This trimming down of life is something we can carry over into our normal days. When you get back to the grind, you can do it with a few less things to worry about.

3. The world won’t stop spinning.

You’re not responsible for keeping your company afloat every second of every day, even if you’re the boss. According to the U.S. Travel Association and Gfk (a market research firm), 40% of U.S. workers don’t plan on using all of their paid time off this year. The top reason? They feel like nobody else can do their job, which means a pile of work will be waiting for them when they get back. Generally, even if you work for yourself and have nobody to rely on, things won’t fall apart because you spent a week by the ocean, especially if you planned ahead. Sure, you may return to one crazy week of backed up responsibilities, but getting away actually makes you better at your job.

4. Your productivity will skyrocket.

When you push yourself without any reprieve in sight, you end up exhausted and resentful of your job. When you care less, you perform worse at work. By getting away for even a short period of time, you’ll come back recharged and ready to be more productive than before.


Lindsay Pietroluongo is a full-time freelance writer in the Hudson Valley. Her work has appeared in the Poughkeepsie Journal and Chronogram magazine. Lindsay also writes business content and marketing materials for professionals through her boutique writing company Poison Apple Ink and runs a lifestyle blog And the Pursuit. Visit Lindsay on the Rocks to learn more. Lindsay can be seen on Hudson Valley Insider each Thursday under the Lifestyle section.


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