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3 Hawaiian Life Lessons We Could All Use

Feb 12th, 2015 | By | Category: Lifestyle

Island Time is not the timetable for me, even though I hate waking up before 8 a.m. and I haven’t had a set schedule in over five years. Whale watching plans in Costa Rica a few years back were altered because the guys running the show were just so very blasé about it all. Aside from my seasickness, whale watching was great, except we didn’t get to go snorkeling or voyage through a cave all because of the resulting time crunch. Of course I decided to go with the flow, but deep down I still wasn’t thrilled with the outcome.

That said, used to love working for a Hawaiian client, a wedding photographer whose lifestyle I got to dive into every day as I managed his social media. There’s still so little I know about the culture (“aloha” means “hello” and “goodbye,” right?), but I’m learning. While I admire the year-round perfect weather and the fact that work breaks are taken beachside, Hawaiian habits and perspectives are what really catch my attention. Here are the frames of mind that I hope to adopt even if I’ll always be a cynical New Yorker at heart:

Create a Dream Routine

When my cousin was moving back home to Westchester from San Diego, he said to me, “Palm trees and sunshine don’t fix everything.” If you follow the routine that many Hawaiians do, though, and plan your day around the things you love, I have a sneaking suspicion that beach days could solve a lot of life’s problems. You may not love surfing and sunbathing, but whatever your “thing” is, building the rest of your life around it will make you happier.

Get Out!

Pearl Jam’s credo that “nature has its own religion” has always been one of my favorite quotes. In Hawaii, nature is faith, therapy, leisure, exploration, play – you name it. In essence, nature is something to be worshiped because it’s just so darn gorgeous there; Hawaiians go outside for the uncomplicated task of just being outside. As I stare out my office window on this sunny day, I can’t help but ask myself what I’m doing with my time.

Less is Best

“Nobody here wears socks,” a Hawaii-based friend told me once. “Everyone either wears flip flops or they go barefoot.” Simplified is a perfect way to describe the Hawaiian lifestyle. Everything’s trimmed down, from clothing and how much you pack in your beach bag to drama. Freedom beats excess any day.


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